New Line fashion bv

Where tradition, style and workmanship meet…

New Line represents several carefully designed collection for the international small retail business. Emphasis is on trousers and jackets, shirts and pullovers. Every one of these collections carries it’s own brand name. Kenmore, Dodger’s and Cornalli for the shirts. J.F.K for or trousers, pull-overs and jackets… Sourcing for the New Line collections is done within Europe, productions are mostly European. It is evident that the fabrics that are used for these garments must be of a high standard. Often they will have Lycra® for maximum comfort. At the same time these fabrics will have modern and high standard finishing’s. Teflon® or Nano® make these fabrics water- and dirt repellent. Often these fabrics will be Easy Care so that the burden of washing and ironing can be done almost without an effort. These fabrics will mostly originate from the best European mills. A lot of thought has been given to details such as linings, labels, buttons and other trims.

Typically, the New Line collections are based on a subtle blending of current lifestyle ideas and a leaning towards traditional, timeless styles. The key word here is youthfulness, set in a colorful variety of fashion lines in which freedom of lifestyle takes on new forms every season. So, that everyone feels comfortable wearing a New Line garment, it being a pair of trousers, a nice shirt, snug pullovers or jackets.