Company profile

For over 90 years the Kwaspen Company has played its part in the international garment industry.

For over 90 years the Kwaspen-group is a family owned company. The company was founded in 1920 on a modest scale, stayed alive and even grew through the tough times of The Great Depression and the Second World War. In the sixties of last century the company really established itself as an important European player in the international garment industry. Millions of garments were produced and shipped all over Europe. Emphasis in those days was on men’s trousers and workwear. All this happened in Neeritter, a small town in the South of Holland. At first glance, this picturesque village is only a pinpoint on the map of the Netherlands. Yet, for more than ninety years, this pretty Limburg border town has helped to write the history of the Dutch garment industry – a history not only grafted on the garment trade but also on the design, production and international distribution of ready-to-wear clothing.

In an always changing world, today faster than ever, the company has adapted itself well to the international demands of the 21st century. A small enthusiastic team in the home office, and agents in several European countries, always succeed in fascinating customers with interesting products and correct prices. .